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Ana sayfa » “State of emergency in Turkey should be ended”

“State of emergency in Turkey should be ended”

The states of emergency in Turkey and France should be lifted, former Turkish President Abdullah Gül has said, adding that Turkey’s future promises “strong democracy with reforms and universal standards.”

“I’ve departed from a country which is in a state of emergency, to another one in the same state” Gül told journalists in France on Sept. 21, in which a state of emergency was imposed after deadly attacks by the Islamic State (IS).

“An end to states of emergency is desired. Efforts should be made in that direction,” he said. A three-month state of emergency was declared in Turkey after the failed July 15 coup attempt, believed to have been masterminded by the Gülenist movement.

Gül met with Turkish press at Turkey’s Paris Embassy, on his speech in the closed-door meeting at Center of Political and Foreign Affairs (CPFA) think tank. Gül said, his speech was on Middle East of today and the future. “French are deeply interested in Middle East and World of Islam, I shared my opinions with them. Also there were questions about the July 15th, I have informed them and think that it was a rewarding speech.”

“During my duty as President of the Republic I heard question ‘Is there a probability of a coup in Turkey?’ many times from press and enlightened persons. I always replied them sincerely ‘We are are a country that debates with EU. We have made civil and military reforms’” he said.

“Knowing the chain of command, I would have never presumed this to happen. It was a great shock. We could have never guessed that a pro-junta group would inliftrate the military ranks. Thanks to Turkish citizens, commanders, president of the republic and governments stand against the coup, we have prevented the it. I myself did not get a reaction from the countries that we are in a close relationship. They should have stood against the coup that day, if they did they would have helped Turkey. I have come from a country that is on state of emergency to another. We wish to end states of emergencies as soon as possible and work for that” Gül added.

Gül also voiced his disappointment with European countries, saying they should have stood against the coup in a strong way. “If they’ve done that, they would have helped Turkey more. It’s a sad thing” he said.

Gülten Özbey / Paris – DHA