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One of TIME’s most influential 100 photographs

TIME, one of the most influential magazines of the world, has picked DHA Journalist Nilüfer Demir’s Alan Kurdi, the refugee boy whose lifeless body washed up on the shore of Bodrum, photograph as one of the "Most Influential 100 Images of All Time."

TIME has published the photograph with the words of Then President of England David Cameron, “As a father, I felt deeply moved by the sight of that young boy on a beach in Turkey.”

Among the ‘100 Most Influential Images of All Time’ by TIme magazine are, revolutionist Che Guevara’s face, American astronaut Neil Armstrong’s walk on the Moon, the man standing in front of the tanks in Tiananmen Square, US President John F. Kennedy’s assasination, the Buddhist monk that set himself on fire and world first photograph “View From the Window at Le Gras.”

TIME photograph editors Ben Goldberger, Paul Moakley and Kira Pollack, stated in the foreword as, “There is no formula that makes a picture influential. Some images are on our list because they were the first of their kind, others because they shaped the way we think. And some made the cut because they directly changed the way we live. What all 100 share is that they are turning points in our human experience.”

TIME magazine had also picked Nilüfer Demir photograph in ’10 Photographs of the Year’ in 2015. TIME stated the influence of this photograph, even though it was not published as a headline in world press, was it’s effect on social media. This photograph is proving the powerful influence of a still image.”

TIME stated, Alan Kurdi photograph, mentioned as “Representing the extraordinary efforts on refugee crisis” was dominated the arguements on refugee crisis and brought the talk to the highest degree of influence.

DHA journalist Nilüfer Demir’s Alan Kurdi photograph was previously listed by TIME magazine as one of 2015’s most moving images and nominated to, most prestigious journalism award, Pulitzer.

DHA journalist Nilüfer Demir has been awarded by United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) with golden for her photograph of, that later bacame the symbol of refugee crisis, three years old Syrian boy Alan Kurdi.

Evaluating the works of the journalists that are reporting to UN, the largest international institute that carries on studies on refugees, UNCA award committee has announced that DHA journalist Nilüfer Demir has awarded with “gold”, in memory of Boston Globe newspaper’s UN Bureau Chief Elizabeth Neuffer, who was killed in an accdinet in Baghdad, when she was covering the Iraq war in May 2003.

Martin Jay, from German Deutche Welle TV, was also awarded with “gold” sharing the award with Demir, Ray Mwareya, from Global South Progress Magazine Zimbabve awarded with “silver” and Ty McCormick, from Foreign Policy Magazine from Kenya, has awarded with “bronze.”

BM Secretary General Ban Ki Moon and his successor Antonio Guterres, UN Peace Envoy Leonardo DiCaprio, diplomats and journalists will attend the UNCA Award Ceremony on December 16th in New York.

UNCA Award Committee consists of, UNCA President Giampaolo Pioli, Carole Landry, Nabil Abi Saab, Valeria Robecco, Seana Magee, Emoke Bebiak, Sherwin Bryce-Pease, Olga Denisova, Zhenqiu Gu, Sylviane Zehil, Bouchra Benyoussef, Tuyet Nguyen and Richard Roth.

Demir’s photograph was also awarded as the best photograph of the year in Germany and awarded with Sedat Simavi Journalism Award by Turkey Journalists Association.

“Turkish photographer Nilufer Demir’s astounding photograph of a dead three-year-old Alan Kurdi face down on the Turkish shore broke our collective hearts” said TIME in its announcement:

“Its influence was born by the audience. More than ever, this picture proves the power of the still image and its ability to influence. It catapulted conversations and reached the highest levels of power. It’s representative of the incredible work we’ve seen on the refugee crisis.”

In addition to Demir’s photograph of Alan, photo of Georgi Licovski, showing the sheer chaos of families being separated on the Macedonian border, has “moved” the TIME and was listed as one of the most moving images of 2015.

The image has hit media outlets and social media around the world, with many people voicing their anger at Europe’s lack of action on the plight of refugees, particularly from Syria.

Blick newspaper of Switzerland noted, “When I saw Alan Kurdi’s dead body, I was petrified. That was the darkest day of my professional life.” Demir said in the interview.

German Die Welt newspaper stated, “The photograph of Alan has moved the world. Turkish journalist Nilüfer Demir’s photograph create reactions.” and noted that Demir said, “All I could do for him to be a voice for his silent scream. His brother Galip was lying down a hundred meters away from him.”

Focus Online drew attention to Demir’s words, “I was petrified.” Pointing out the desperation she felt when she saw the body.

German newspaper Bild has published the interview of Nilüfer Demir by John Putenpurachal. “The photograph that moved the world was shot by Nilüfer Demir.” Bild promoted Demir adn added her words, “ I g oto the sea shore almost everyday and I have seen lots of dead bodies in the past years but it was the first time I saw a dead body of a children.”.

Rheinhische Post newspaper reported the incident with Demir’s words, “I wanted to be a vocie to his silent scream”.

Using Demir’s words, “I was petrified’ as a headline, Stuttgarter Zeitung reported that the photograph is a symbol of the refugees that were drowned. Stuttgarter reported that Demir took the photograph and included Demir’s feelings in detail.

The image has hit media outlets and social media around the world, with many people voicing their anger at Europe’s lack of action on the plight of refugees, particularly from Syria.

Mahmut Can Emir / New York – DHA