02 Temmuz 2024 Salı
Ana sayfa » “I would be less aroused if she had worn pants”

“I would be less aroused if she had worn pants”

A man who attacked and injured a young woman on a public bus in Istanbul for wearing shorts on Sept. 12 has said he would not have attacked the woman if she had dressed “properly,” according to his testimony obtained by daily Hürriyet.

“People can embrace others’ faith but they cannot ignore it. Everything has a proper way. Had she dressed properly, we would not have acted that way. If people wear pants or at least a tracksuit, we would be less aroused” Abdullah Çakıroğlu said in his testimony.

Çakıroğlu was arrested on Monday when a prosecutor ordered his re-detainment on charges of inciting animosity among society shortly after his release. He also said he kicked the 23 year-old victim thinking that she “ignored social values” with her style of dress.

“When I turned my head to the left, I saw a woman opposite of my seat. She wore shorts and was sitting in an obscene way with her legs sideways. She was staring at me with an obtrusive look. I lost myself in an instant. I thought she disregarded the values of our country and society and she did not show respect for herself and the people around her with her clothing style. My spiritual side took over and I kicked her in the face” Çakıroğlu said.

According to his testimony, Çakıroğlu was beaten by passengers on the bus after the attack.