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Ana sayfa » Anatolian Brands awards 19 Anatolian companies

Anatolian Brands awards 19 Anatolian companies

Anatolian Brands Contest, organised for the ninth time this year, awarding 19 of the participant companies. With the purpose of raising awareness on "being a brand" Anatolian Brands Contest was organised by Capital and Economist magazines.

Anatolian Brands Contest awards delvired to the winner compaenies at a ceremony, supported by Brand Council, and sponsored by Fibabanka and Vodafone and co-sponsored by Sinpaş Real Estate Investment Trust.

Awarding it’s participants in three different categories being, conglomerate, awarded in three sub categories, trade, agriculture-food, manufacture, small scale enterprise and digital transition, Anatolian Brands has awarded nineteen Anatolian companies.

In his opening speech, Fibabanka General Manager Bekir Dildar said, Fibabanka will always support Anatolian brands.

“One of the important duties of banking sector is to support Anatolian companies that are adding value to our country. As Fibabanka we are carrying out this duty will great faith. We are aware that strong and competitive brands are the ones that are using the potentials of digitalising effectively. Thus we have added Digital Transition Credit to our services and improved our innovative and fast banking understanding. I hereby congratulate all the companies that compete today, especiall on Digital Transition category. Fibabanka will alweays support Anatolian brands” Dildar added.

Awards were granted in three categories, conglomerate, small scale enterprises and digital transition. On conglomerate category nine companies were awarded in three sub categories and four were granted with jury’s special award, on small scale enterprises category three ranking companies awarded an done company grated jury’s special award, on digital transition two companies were awarded.

Awarded companies are;

Conglomerate – Trade Category
1- Makro Market
2- Biletal
3-Calista Luxury Resort
Jury’s special award, Sadık Group and Bilkent Cyberpark

Agriculture – Food Category
1- Ulusoy Un
2- İpek Hanım’ın Çiftliği
3- Oba Makarnacılık
Jury’s special award, Estuz

Manufacture Category
1- Yataş Group
2- Alpala Group
3- Berdan Cıvata
Jury’s special award, Ofisline

Small Scale Enterprises
1- Bilge Çiftliği
2- Ceyda Gıda
3- Valiz Dünyası
Jury’s special award, Ganioğulları and Elif Konsept

Digital Transition
Şimşek Bisküvi

Mahmut Can Emir / İstanbul – DHA