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Ana sayfa » 2100-year old Cybele statue under examination by experts

2100-year old Cybele statue under examination by experts

Cybele Mother Goddess Statue, the first marble statue that found in its original place from Mithridates 6th era, aged 2100, found in Kurul Castle excavation, is taken under scientific examination by experts, Ordu Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Uğur Toparlak said.

Excavation works are carried on for four years to unearth the history from Mithridates 6th era in Altınordu Distrcit in Ordu. Excavation under the supervision of Gazi University Faculty of Letters Department of Head of Archaeology Department Professor Dr. Süleyman Yücel Şenyurt with 25 archaeologists has shown that Kurul Castle was from Mithridates 6th era.

Toparlak said, the 1.1 meters tall marble Cybele statue was estimated to be 2100 years old. “The condition of the hellenistic period statue is being examined. Professor Dr. Süleyman Yücel Şenyurt and his team had some significant discoveries. Cybele statue is the only foundling in Black Sea region in this condition. An official from Trabzon Directorate of Restoration and Conservation had examined the statue, took some samples for further examination. After the examinations the statue will be transfered to museum” he added.

Toparlak also said that Kurul Castle will attract tourists after the excavations and restoration studies end.

Nedim Kovan / Ordu – DHA