07 Ocak 2023 Cumartesi
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Woman beekeepers to produce royal jelly

Metropolitan Municipality of Ordu, Turkey’s largest honey producer province with 16.6 tonnes per year, has provided training for 20 woman beekeepers on producing royal jelly.

Ordu Mayor Enver Yılmaz said, “We have a say in honey production in Turkey and the world. We are also conducting revenue generating projects for house wives. We are going to support royal jelly production.”

Ordu, ranking first on honey production with producing 16.6 tonnes, with five thousand beekeepers and 556 thousand bee hives, of 107.665 tonnes honey produced in Turkey according to Turkey Statistics Institution (TÜİK). Ordu Municipality aims to increase royal jelly production, that is sold at 7 to 10 thousand USD per kilogram.

A total of 20 woman beekeepers are being trained as a part of “Introduction to Royal Jelly, Bee Hive Support Project for Woman Beekeepers” by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and Beekeeping Research Institute.

Yılmaz said, the project is successfully completed and trainees will be given 500 bee hives on November 18th Honey Festival and start the production of royal jelly.

Ranking first in honey production onf Turkey, Ordu’s annual honey yield in 29.82 kilograms per colony while Turkey average is 13.96 kilograms. Comparing Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)and TÜİK data, Ordu produces more honey than 120 countries of 138 in total, and produces 1 percent of the world honey production.

Nedim Kovan / Ordu – DHA