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Ana sayfa » Stamp of Nâzım Hikmet printed for his 114th birthday

Stamp of Nâzım Hikmet printed for his 114th birthday

World renowned Turkish poet Nâzım Hikmet’s 114th birthday will mark firsts as Hikmet’s personal post stamp has been printed for the occasion, while a documentary telling his prison years in Bursa was prepared.

The Nilüfer Municipality of central Bursa will organize series of historical events for his birthday, to remember Hikmet who has marked Turkey and the world’s literature history, on Jan. 14.

The documentary called “Nâzım of Bursa” to be screened within the events for the first time will tell the story of Nâzım’s 11 years in Bursa prison, including documents and interviews with witnesses, friends who were with him during these harsh years.

Nâzım Hikmet was arrested for several times for his political beliefs, striking his life story with years of exile and prison.

An exclusive exhibition named to remember Hikmet’s “Yapraklara Dallara” poem will be held in Nazım Hikmet Kültürevi, a culture house named after him in Bursa. Hundreds of poems written during Hikmet’s prison years will be displayed in this exhibition.

The first Nazım Hikmet personal stamp will also mark a first in history and will be offered to hosts during the event. The stamp will also be sold for 1,40 liras to literature lovers.

The event will end with a special concert, “Love is a shirt of fire”, by Hasan Yükselir who will interpret songs composed by the veteran poet.

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