07 Ocak 2023 Cumartesi
Ana sayfa » Anti-terror branch raids HDP Istanbul district office

Anti-terror branch raids HDP Istanbul district office

Turkish anti-terror branch police teams have raided Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) Beyoğlu district building on early Jan. 8.

Numerous riot police officers, special operations teams and police helicopters supported the raid. Reports said teams have been searching the office.

Teams took wide security measures in the Ağaççileği Street of Beyoğlu in central Taksim district of Istanbul, while water cannons and ironclad vehicles were deployed to block entrance to the street.

HDP Beyoğlu district co-chair Rukiye Demir was detained by the police.

Some police officers left the building with around six full sacks after the searches in the office.

Lawyer Levent Pişkin made a press statement and underlined the decision of raid was “linked to the murder of Rıdvan Gül that is not related to the parti organization, district or district building”.

“The prosecution office has made the decision last night, apparently. Officers have written 8 pages of minutes. We are wondering what sort of things they have found…” said Pişkin, slamming the decision of restriction over the murder file.

Nine people are known to have been detained for this murder, added Pişkin.

Hayati Kiliç – Ozan Ural – Hasan Yildirim / Istanbul DHA