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Ana sayfa » AKP’s constitution proposal will divide Turkey: CHP

AKP’s constitution proposal will divide Turkey: CHP

The government’s constitutional amendment proposal will lead to a federal system and the division of Turkey, main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Deputy Chair Haluk Koç has said, adding that the draft foresees “a one-man regime” controlling the legislative, executive and judicial branches.

“The outcome [of the AKP’s constitutional proposal] will be a single-person administration. The outcome will be oppression. The outcome will be a Turkey heading towards a federal structure and then division. The political result will be debates on Turkey’s survival” Koç said after an executive board meeting of his party on Thursday.

His comments came days after the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) delivered the draft of its favored constitutional amendment, including a shift to the presidential system, to the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) on Tuesday.

The draft text retains the description of the system as “presidency” rather than “executive presidency,” but decorates the head of state with powers similar to those of countries ruled under executive presidential systems. The president will be able to appoint ministers and half of the members of key judicial bodies, as well as issue decree laws. The new system will also introduce two vice presidents but will abolish the position of the prime minister. 

The CHP convened its executive board to focus on the presidential system debate, which CHP head Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu has vowed to oppose, while deciding on the party’s final stance after examining the scope of the presidential system framed in the draft.

The CHP regards the system in the draft as a “one-man system” Koç said, adding that the CHP proposes an “effective parliamentary democratic system” with an “effective and strong legislative, an auditable executive and an independent judiciary,” where separate powers work harmoniously.

“In the system [planned by the AKP], the president will be elected along with one or two vice presidents. This is called the one-man system” he added.

“He will be elected on the same day as the members of the legislative organ that he has chosen and placed on the list. From this legislature, the executive will be selected. The president will appoint half of the members of high judicial bodies and parliament will choose the rest based on a certain majority. The legislature, the executive, and the judiciary will therefore effectively be gathered in one person” Koç said.

The CHP deputy chair also stated that the party would launch a series of rallies against the government’s constitutional plan across the country under the title: “We will not let Turkey be divided.” The first meeting will be held in the southern province of Adana on Dec. 3.